OFFER WALL Survey Rules

Each members of surveysforu required to follow below rules in order to work on our offer walls and daily surveys

At we provide different earning opportunity to our members while members also have high amount of responsibility in replay when you interact with our offer walls, we place this set of rules to protect our partnership with offer wall companies and keep
them in our website for long terms so if any member violate thees rule will end on permanent ban on his account without issuing a payment  before you start your work read all details carefully and follow each.

  1.  Do not use any vpn /proxy, service to on offer walls
  2.  Do not use Fake emails in offer wall
  3.  Do not repeat registration offer from different offer walls /websites ( if an offer named register and do some activity )
  4.  App install offers are limited to 1 per website if you installed application from any offer wall once you are done
  5.  Do not repeat same survey
  6.  If you not understand Survey topic You need to terminate survey
  7.  Do not copy / share survey details to any one
  8.  If A survey option is named as Daily survey you cant complete it  more than 1 time in a day or 24 hours time
  9.  Unlimited survey router - if you get same survey again and again in unlimited survey router You need to quit from it.
  10.  never use other people details on offer walls
  11.  do not uninstall apps before the time limit given in offer walls
  12.  never use other peoples device to visit offer walls.
  13.  if we receive a complaint from offer walls we suspend your account.
  14.  we suspend your account if you affect  more than 15 % of reversal rate.
  15. Special rule for AdclickWall, RevenuSquare, Myadwal, CommissionSquare - are given below
  • All Survey options listed in thees offer wall are limited 1 time per day or after 24 hours
  • Some of the survey routers may be named unlimited or multiple times in thees offer walls but you are not allowed to repeat it
  • If you did 1 survey in it you are done for the day. you can do it gain only after 24 hours . 
Apart from the above listed rules each offer wall have their own rules if you violate that you get ban from the offerwall page by them. always follow rules  , read requirements properly and act like a pro.