Members Requirements for getting paid  

Members are requested to follow below listed terms and conditions in order to getting paid from 

  • Members personal details must be completely filled on members profile page
  • members must use own personal details in profile
  • members date of birth must be correct as per the gov/education documents
  • members must be 17 years old and completed 10 + 2 HSE education and qualified for higher education
  • members must provide their verification documents on request (Address proof, age proving documents&education details)
  • members can request a payment when he reach minimum of 5$
  • If you are a  member from India you must fill UPI Address in Account details page. 
How much time take to receive your payment ?.
  • as on 1st September 2019 we will send payment after 3 days of the request submitted
  • members need to keep their account active (by continuing doing surveys and offers ) after making  payment request
  • members need to earn a certain amount on his account  in order to get paid quickly after making a payment request
  • payment request of 5$ will be send after member making 2.5$ sins the posting of his payment request . 
  1. 5$ will send after member earn 2.5$ more
  2. 10$  earn up to 4$
  3. 20$  earn up to 5$
  4. over 25$ payment will send once member reach 20% of requested amount on his balance or 10$ on his account
  • if all the above requirements meat and not on holiday payment will be send on 4th day of the requested date .
  • if member account is inactive we send payment after 90 days of his request or 90 days after his last offer completion
  • remember that minimum waiting time to receive your payment is 3 days it may be extended up to 90 days
How members get Paid ?

  • We have different payment methods  for  cash-out
  1. PayPal and amazon gift-card for  international members (members out side India) for PayPal we not charge any fee but PayPal charge some fee from received fund which is depending on the country of receiver . Amazon gift card will be sent as INR members may receive it as $ we send an inbox message of the calculation to members inbox for amazon gift card
  2. Members from India have option like Bank wire Transfer, Google Pay, PhonPe  paytm and amazon gift card, which will be send in the form of INR and a fee will be charged as transaction fee, currency exchange rate also applicable for the transaction . fee will be maximum of 2% it may reduce to 1% according to the situation
  3. once a month pay out system :- member can this system if they are not maid any other transfer for last 30 days or more and this is not charge any fee as transaction but it also apply currency conversion rates , members can chose which form of payment they want from the above listed methods for once a month system
Why payment is delayed/denied ?.
      your payment request may be further delayed because of following reasons

  1.  your account affected reversal
  2. your account balance become negative due to reversal
  3. you are failed to verify your account
  4. you are violated terms of use
  5. your are repeating survey offers
  6. you have a reputation of reversal
  7. you are notified for fraud work by our partner networks
International payment terms is a website operating from India , all members out side from India is calculated as International members
  • PayPal - default payment option form members outside India is PayPal
  • To received fund on PayPal members must have verified PayPal account   
  • surveysforu account information and PayPal account information must be matched
  • if we found miss match in details we will reject payment request  
  • once you successfully verified your account with PayPal amazon gift card option will be enabled

why this terms ? is a website which providing different form of earning opportunities to its members , when members do offers and surveys we add all amount lesser than 2$ or 200 point in to members account immediately, we are allowing members to make a payment request as minimum of 5$ at their account and we send those payment inside 7 days time.
we send this money to members payment account fully on our risk as we are not receive any fund from our linked partners
each of our linked partners , offer walls networks pay us minimum of 60 days later of offer completed.
Any offer done by a member can be rejected at any time cant afford lose from offer rejection because of low quality response by member   

regards reserve all rights to update/ change thees policy & terms any time
last updated on 1/09/2019